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Must try places around the globe

The food stalls of Singapore, the tapas of Spain , and the street carts of Bangkok all get this food and drink nerd way to excited.

Food is a way of life and expresses many years of culture in just one bite.

I encourage everyone to find their own food nirvana. 

 1. Bun Bo Nam Bo 

 Hanoi, Vietnam

 Best Noodle Bowl you will have 


 This is one of the top 2 things to try in Vietnam and easily one of the best things to eat around the globe. Located in the crazy streets of  Hanoi. Be sure to make this a must hit stop in the city. The place is so basic  that the menu only has 5 things on it. Mainly because the  beef noodle bowl is a destination worty item. 

 2. Nando's -Chain Restaurant 

 Various Countries 

 Peri Peri Chicken & Peri Peri sprinkle on Fries  

 The Best Chain Worldwide

 Located in a handful of countries around the globe, Nando's is Portuguese style chicken chain restaurant. All jokes of chains aside the peri-  peri sauce is amazing. Although many cultures have their version of hot sauces this version is truly worthy of respect. Nando's can be found in  airports & Malls making them very convenient if you are not very mobile. A sprinkle of the peri-peri seasoning is must on the fries.  

3. Mama Schnitzel -Restaurant 

Haad Rin, Thailand (Koh Phangan )

Basic Chicken Sandwich (#2 on Menu)



Chances are if you are on the island of Koh Phangan you are there to party. Known for it's full moon parties (and now half moon parties) the party island never sleeps. Most backpackers spend their day relaxing and watching  movies. Consider the chicken schnitzel sandwich a must for the drunken compadre. Whether you consider it good drunk  food or a hungover necessity this crispy, crunchy, flaky goodness is best helped with the orange thai sauce and a little mayo.

4. Hodad's 

Ocean Beach (San Diego), California,USA

Best Hamburger 


 This Ocean Beach long time staple will have lines all summer long. That being said  the crack put in these burgers is worth that wait. This  venue holds a special place in my heart. The burgers themselves don't visually blow the roof off the place, but flavor wise connect with  a home run. Grab a Pacifico and order of "Frings" and sit back in the VW bus (table) or on the oversized surfboard reading all the mind  humoring license plates on the wall.   

5. Umi Sake House 

 Belltown, Seattle, WA, USA

 Order: Dragon Roll 

Located on 1st Ave in Belltown this Sushi staple of Seattle delivers on knife skills, creativity, and freshness. Of course fresh fish is common in Seattle, but this place is electric. It is also a huge bonus that the cocktails are excellent and they are open late.

6. Kirin City

( Various Locations, Tokyo, Japan). -

Best cooked steak in Asia)

Located all over in Tokyo this little chain resembles a small brewery in the USA. The dish pictured is an amazing thin sliced steak and unlike much of the beef in Asia is cooked rare.

7. Phil's BBQ

San Diego, California, USA

Best BBQ

Order: Beefy Ribs 

This San Diego institution has 3 locations worth a visit. Lines form fast and a must try is the beefy ribs. Closed on Monday's means bad news for anyone miss timing their visit.  

 8. Soupa a la Minuta (Soup)

 Available Everywhere in Peru 

 Best Soup 

One of the top 5 things I've ever ate across the globe. A soup that is a meal. Beef, noodles, eggs, amongst other ingredients. Happiness is in this soup. Can be found almost anywhere, but check out where the locals are eating it. 


9. Paddy Flaherty's -Restaurant, Irish bar 

Cuzco, Peru  

Order; Shepard's Pie 

Aside from laying claim to be the highest Irish bar on the planet, Paddy Flaberty's is just another Irish bar in a tourist heavy city. Their shepard's pie is anything but, this unique and different looking pie will not disappoint and is just what you need if you're looking for a comfort food fix. 

10. Street Food 


Thai Pancake

Best Stir Fry Cart

Fresh Asian OJ 

Probably the world capitol of street food, Thailand has built it's culinary legacy on the streets. With traditional Thai homes lacking kitchens the street evolution began. 3 must try foods; pictured above;A Thai pancake served with whatever you choose (Nutella & Banana pictured). A world famous street kart from the backpackers paradise known as Khao San Road ( in Bangkok). This man works near the D&D inn nearly everyday from 7am- 1pm. Fresh orange juice from the small green Asian oranges, also found on the streets of Bangkok. 

11. Isleningar Borda SS Pylsur

Reykjavik, Iceland 

Icelandic Hot Dog 

Although a hot dog may not qualify as a reason to seek a destination, upon arrival in Reykjavik it is a must snack stop. Icelandic hot dogs are a thing and please note are available in many locations, locals will advise you to only seek out one place to try. A small stand located in downtown Reykjavik. Visually it may not seem like much but it undoubtably always have a line of 4 or 5 people. 

12. Roberto's Taco Shop

San Diego, CA USA

Locations All over 

Order: California Burrito 

With so many delicious burrito's scattered all over North America it's hard not to go wrong suggesting many. Roberto's lands on the food trail for a number of reasons. It is located almost everywhere in southern California. This means you'll never have to drive to far to find one. Second, many of it's locations are open 24 hours, making it even more convenient. This taco shop represents southern California Mexican food made fast. Also makes for  the perfect drunk food if you've had a few too many. Order the California burrito! 
















































Vegetarian  Burrito) 

11. Peseo- Seattle, USA ( Best Sandwich) 

14. Rubio's -(Chain), Various Locations, USA - (Best USA Based Chain) 

16. Pizza Port -San Diego, USA (Best Pizza Hang out N drink Beer Spot) 

17. Bayou -Salt Lake City, USA (Best Beer Selection in Utah) 


21. PJ O'Briens -Melbourne, Australia (Best Airport Bar) 





















13. Salteneria Hamacas 

Santa Cruz, Bolivia 

Order: Saltenas 

Similar looking to an empanada a Saltena is a Bolivian upgrade. Unlike an empanada which can lack flavor, a saltena packs a flavor punch. This Salteneria Hamacas restaurant is just a little small place in  Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I recommend trying this dish almost anywhere, but to seek this place out of you are near.  

14. Exotic  Fruit 

All over the world


                                      Dragon Fruit                                 Lychee                                    Mangosteen

Exotic fruits exist all over the world. For those living in countries like the U.S.A. where most markets provide the "huge" excitement of apples, oranges, and pears it's important to seek out other amazing fruits. 3 of my favorites found widely in most parts of Asia are the dragon fruit, lychee, and mangosteen.With many different versions of each seek the pink flesh version of the dragon fruit. Lychee's have other similar fruits worth a try such as the rambutan or the Longan. The Mangosteen is true sweet nectar of the gods.     

15. Frankie's  Bar 

Shenzhen, China 

Best Bar Food in Asia 

Order: Burgers 

Looking for good western food in China. Burgers, wings, ribs? Look no further than Frankie's bar and grill in Shenzhen, China. From a person who has traveled extensively throughout both China and other Asian countries Frankie's is the king of western food in Asia. This American expat bar delivers in many other areas of both drink and entertainment, but is perfect for a taste of home, if you are a yank that is. Truth is the food here is better than the majority of bars back in the USA. They now have two locations and I can't wait to get back. 

16. Nick's Gyro - Restaurant 

Santorini, Greece 

Order; gyro

Located in the village of Athinios on the island of Santorini, Greece Nick's Gyro delivers the best gyro in the region. After eating dozens of gyro's over a month in the middle east/south east Europe region of the world Nick's stands a wrap above. Popular because of both location and signature seasoning Nick's should be on your list of places to hit. 

17. Bohemian Brewery

Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Order : Schweinshaxen

Order: Pierogies & Brats

Order: Bavarian Weiss Beer

                                                 Schweinshaxen                          Pierogies & Brats                     Beer 

A unique brewery in an up and coming food city. Old world European dishes and a great spin on American classic dishes. The chef's dishes are worth the drive to the Salt Lake suburb of Midvale. Crafting European style lagers with ingredients from Europe you will be pleasantly surprised at the upgrade from other breweries on the west coast.  

18. Toulouse Petite

Seattle, WA USA 

Order : Eggs Benny 

This Seattle gem is located near the Space Needle on Queen Ann Blvd. Serving up french classics and craft cocktails this might be the best restaurant in Seattle that won't cost you 50 dollars a plate. The poach on the eggs is decedent. Beignets are a must to finish any meal.

19. Saeta Svinid gastropub 

Reykjavik, Iceland 

Order: Whale & Horse Carpaccio

                                                      Whale                                         Horse Carpaccio

Easily a must try for any foodie visiting Iceland. This gastropub serves up beautiful and mouthwatering plates of some nordic specialities. Located in the heart of Reykjavik and always busy , don't miss this place.

20. Lenbach Restaurant 

Dalian, China 

Order : Lamb Chop 

A German brewhouse serving great western food in Dalian, China. German pubs/brewhouses are not uncommon in China, but those with great high end food are. A great place to celebrate and the best place in Dalian for western food.   

21. Hong Kong Bar

Boston, MA USA

Order : Scorpion Bowl 

A must hit for a party person visiting Boston. An Absolute blast of a time waiting to happen.

22. Shakshuka

Israeli Breakfast 

Available Everywhere 


A traditional Israeli breakfast. A sure fire local food you are sure to love. Available just about everywhere serving sit down breakfast. 

23. Moussaka

Cyprus Dish 

Available all over Cyprus








A sort of eggplant lasagna looking dish famous in this part of the world. Pictured is a Cyriot version. The Greeks and Turks are also known to make this dish.  

24 Beer Bar 

Salt Lake City 

Order: Speciality Sausage Dog 

A downtown SLC bar for beer lovers. Aside from it's array of beers to choose from this place specializes in gourmet sausages and gourmet toppings. with over 15 to choose from their is a sausage for everyone. Go for a dog, stay for a beer. 

25. Chinese foods

All over China 

(1) Deep Fried Sweet/Sour Catfish 

(2) Xi'an Noodles 

(3) Squid on a stick 

(4) Street Meat BBQ

These are just few of the unique food I fell in love with while living in China. They are very tasty and should be sought out. 

26. Taco Rice Dish 


Available everywhere in Japan

Although this dish doesn't sound very Japanese, it is own unique thing. I'd say about 50% of Izakaya's make this dish so don't be afraid to order it. 

27. Casa Que Pasa

Belligham, Wa , USA

Order; Rancho Burrito

This unique little staple is my first stop on every return visit to Bellingham. Famous for it potato burritos and tequilas I recommend the rancho potato burrito, sort of the deluxe version of the famous burrito. 

28. Hungry Bunny

Incheon Airport. Seoul, South Korea

Best Airport Restaurant  

Serving up Korean classics at this Southeast Asian hub expect to find a full cafeteria. By far the most popular airport restaurant I have ever been too. For the record most westerners get sucked into the Burger King right across the way, so remember to give this a real look.

29. Luncha Libre

San Diego, Ca

Order; Surfin' California Burrito

30. Mellow Mushroom

Salt Lake City

Best Vegetarian Restaurant


31. Andina

Portland, Oregon, USA

South American Cuisine

Order; trio of potatoes

This Portland place is great. So great that it is no secret anymore. Reservations are highly recommended. Opens at 4pm amdyou can sneak into the bar right when they open and grab a table. With a focus on Peruvian cuisine much on the menu falls under the people of the Andes.

32. Tasty N Alder

Portland, Oregon, USA

Pictured; Bone Marrow,

           Grilled Octopus

With a various locations (Tasty N Sons) this Portland place should be packed as well. Amazing hand crafted food to choose from I'd say explore the whole menu.

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