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Top 7 -{Lists}- 

Based on Food:

1. Vietnam (Pho)

2.Thailand (Phad Thai)

   3. Spain (Tapas)

4.Japan (Ramen)

6. Chile (Wagyu)

7.Italy (Gnocchi)

5.Singapore (Noodles)

Top 7 Must Visit countries; 

Top 7 World Party Festivals:

1. Vietnam


2. China 

3. Japan





5. Turkey

6. Peru

7. Thailand 

1. Oktoberfest

Munich, Germany 

Mid September-October 

2. Carnival 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Before Lent (February)

3. Full Moon Party 

Haad Rin, Thailand 

Koh Phangan Island

Held Monthly 



4. Ibiza Island

Coast of Spain

Late Summer weekends

Party/Club Island of Europe



5. Mardi Gras

New Orleans, USA

Before Lent (February)




6. Songkran

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mid April  



7. La Tomatina

Bunol, Spain 

Last Wednesday of August 

Top 7 countries for those on a Budget;

1. Laos 

Average Hotels Cost = $20.00 USD

2. Vietnam

Cost of Beer = .25 cents USD

3. Thailand

Cost of Bus ride across country= Less $15 USD

Tuk Tuk ride= Less than $5.00 for half day

4. Cambodia

Cost of a Sandwich about $1.00 USD

5. Indonesia 

Cost of flights with-in country

Less than $50.00 USD

6. China

Black Markets exist throughout with a

variety of knock off goods for dirt cheap.

7. Bolivia

Over night bus= $ 15.00 USD

Top 7 most expensive countries;

1. Japan

Cost of a train

from airport to

Tokyo.. $ 35USD


2. Iceland

Cost of beer

while dining

$12.00 USD 



3. Russia

Visa Costs

Run $200-300 USD

for USA citizens



4. France

Like most of

Europe most


can run $50.00

USD for just a few

hours of fun

5. Spain 

Wine & Tapas 

is what you'll find

yourself doing all

the time and that

can add up quick 

6. Australia

With such a huge

country, travel and

adventure are spread 

far apart.

Expect to spend $ for

moving around.


7. England

With the exchange 

rate being almost 

2-1 USD to the British

Pound and 

England already

being expensive.

Money can fly out

of your pocket. 

Machu Picchu, Andes Mountains ,Peru
Petra, Jordan
Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Rapa Nui , Chile
Pyramids, Egypt
Great Wall of China
Acropolis Parthenon, Greece

Top 7 World Sites




  Machu Picchu, Peru            Petra, Jordan           Angkor Wat, Cambodia        Rapa Nui, Chile


Great Wall, China              Pyramids, Egypt               Acropolis, Greece         Taj Mahal , India




Honorable Mention

Top 7 Airlines

Korean  * Emirates   * Etihad *  Qatar Airways * Cathay Pacific  * Virgin  * Singapore Airlines

Top7 Must Try Foods

  Borscht   *Koshery  *Soupa a la Minuta   * Saltenas   * Feijoada  * Kebab * Paella

            Russian      Egyptian        Peruvian                 Bolivian       Brazilian     Turkish       Spanish

Top 7 Travel Apps.

1. WeChat 

2. Skyscanner 

3. Instagram

4. Trip Advisor 

5. Xe Currency

6. Twitter

7. Skype 

Top 7 overrated cities

1. Sydney, Australia

2. Manilla, Philippines

3. Lima, Peru

4. Paris, France

5.Sao Paulo, Brazil

6. Melbourne, Australia

7. Taipei, Taiwan

Top 7 Must Visit Cities

1. Bangkok, Thailand

2. Amsterdam,Holland


4. Tokyo, Japan

5. Prague, Czech Rep.

6. Istanbul, Turkey

7. Santiago, Chile

Top 7 for Adventure

1. Thailand

2. New Zealand

3. Australia

4. Greece

5. Egypt

6. Malaysia

7. Mexico

Full Moon Party    Spanish Sangria    At the Club              7 story club in Prague         Ice Bar in Amsterdam        VB Australia's       Robot Restaurant

Haad Rin,             Madrid             London                                                                                          Bud Light             Tokyo

Top 7 Party  Countries


1. Thailand    2. Spain    3. England   4. Czech Republic   5. The Netherlands   6. Australia    7. Japan

Iceman's Top 7 Travel Moments;

1. Arriving in Rapa Nui

(Easter Island)      




2. Experiencing the Harbin Winter

& Ice Festival       






3. Hiking the amazing Machu Picchu                             







4. Stepping off the plane in

Qingdao China                   






5. Seeing myself on the Salt Flats

of Bolivia 


6. Surviving the streets of Hanoi

7. Bangkok

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